Friday, November 8, 2013

Ed's Custom Beef Jerky - Honey Garlic

Ed's Honey Garlic is a perfect blend of sweet and savory without the heat. This is a great all-round jerky that is very satisfying, yet has a unique flavor. The garlic flavor is mild and not overwhelming while the honey offers a gentle sweetness that is a winner.
The Honey Garlic jerky comes in bite sized slices that are very easy to consume, like other Ed's flavors I have tried. There's no need to "tear off" a chunk. Just pop a piece in your mouth and enjoy. Honey Garlic pieces are moist and tender.

Riding and Eating Tips
Ed's jerky comes in a large vacuum-sealed see-thru bag that is resealable to keep the jerky moist and fresh. However, the bag is a little large to keep on your bike when riding. I suppose that you could fold it in half and stick it in your tank bag or pocket. The bite-sized pieces make popping a piece in your mouth while riding much easier!
2 - 4oz bags for $15


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