Friday, November 1, 2013

Ed's Custom Beef Jerky - Green Habanero

Ed's Green Habanero has a definite kick. A slight vinegar flavor enhances the heat of the Habanero pepper heat. The heat comes on fast, but does not linger for an uncomfortable length of time. You can actually see the green habanero powder on the jerky pieces.
The Habanero jerky comes in bite sized slices that are very easy to consume, like other Ed's flavors I have tried. There's no need to "tear off" a chunk. Just pop a piece in your mouth and enjoy. Habanero was tender, but not as moist as some of Ed's other flavors I tried.

Resealable vacuum sealed bag

Riding and Eating Tips
Ed's jerky comes in a large vacuum-sealed see-thru bag that is resealable to keep the jerky moist and fresh. However, the bag is a little large to keep on your bike when riding. I suppose that you could fold it in half and stick it in your tank bag or pocket. The bite-sized pieces make popping a piece in your mouth while riding much easier!
2 - 4oz bags for $15


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