Sunday, November 3, 2013

Bad Buds Beef Jerky - Hotternhail

If you are not quite up to the task of eating the Ghost Pepper, then the regular Hotternhail might be the logical choice. Hotternhail will deliver a nice hot kick without causing permanent damage to your tongue and lips.

The Hotternhail  comes in long, narrow strips that are moist, but chewy. In fact, some pieces were VERY chewy to the point of being downright tough and impossible to chew. That's a shame because the flavor is near perfect for a mid-level, hot and spicy jerky.

If not for the few tough pieces, this jerky would have received my highest rating. It definitely has the flavor. Maybe I just got a touch batch?

Riding and Eating Tips
The vacuum sealed plastic bag will keep the jerky fresh until opened, then you had better eat fast. The bags are not resealable making them no good for keeping on your bike or in your jacket. Bring a Ziplok bag with you!

Ingredients: Beef, Soy, Spices, Ghost pepper sauce

1.5oz  vacuum bag


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