Saturday, October 26, 2013

Jonty Jacobs Biltong - Orignal

Biltong is a cured meat that originated in South Africa. Jonty Jacobs specializes in this savory specialty. The Biltong slices were very thin, almost paper thin and a little fattier that what I have come to expect from jerky. In fact, you can actually see visible fat in some of the pieces. There is no sweet or heat to interrupt the meaty, beefy flavor.
Biltong is extremely tender and the "shavings" of meat, for lack of a better description, are very easy to chew and enjoy. This is like upsale jerky taken to a different level. You get a completely different experience from eating Biltong that you do from jerky. It is almost like eating steak. The Biltong does leave an oily film on the fingers after eating.

Jonty Jacobs beef products come in the nicest packaging of any brand I tested. A plastic-lined brown paper bag with a resealable top.

4oz bag


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