Friday, October 25, 2013

Jimmy's Sticky Jerky - Cilantro Lime

To be fair, I am no fan of cilantro. I have always found it to have a "soapy" taste. The first flavor is a sweetish lime followed by that familiar cilantro taste. The heat from the cayenne pepper comes on late and lingers on the back of the throat.

The texture of the jerky is moist and relatively tender. In spite of the "sticky" label, I found Jimmy's Cilantro Lime to be relatively dry to the touch and not sticky at all.

This is a tough flavor for me to judge fairly since I don't like cilantro. If cilantro is your thing, then the moistness and beef flavor combined with some ginger will be appealing.

Riding and Eating Tips
Jimmy's Sticky Jerky comes in a vacuum-sealed bag, but it is not resealable. So, unless you want sticky chunks of jerky lining your tank bag or jacket pocket, bring a Ziplok bag.

Ingredients: Beef, Reduced Sodium Soy Sauce, Brown Sugar, Ginger, Garlic, Vinegar, Worcestshire, Cilantro, Lime, Cayenne Pepper, Seasonings, Smoke Flavor

Heat Level: 2

2.5 oz vacuum bag


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