Friday, October 25, 2013

Bad Buds Bull Jerky - Mild

These long, narrow strips of jerky are toothsome to say the least. However, the narrowness of the strips makes them easier to chew. The dominate flavor is beef and soy sauce. The strips are moderately salty

The texture of the jerky is dry and a bit stringy but not tough. While I am more a fan of hot and spicy jerky, I find the Bad Buds Mild to have a pleasant flavor.

If you prefer a mild jerky that is big on beef flavor, Bad Buds Mild is a good choice, and a good value.

Riding and Eating Tips
The vacuum sealed plastic bag will keep the jerky fresh until opened, then you had better eat fast. The bags are not resealable making them no good for keeping on your bike or in your jacket. Bring a Ziplok bag with you!

Ingredients: Beef, Soy, Spices

Heat Level: 0

1.5oz  vacuum bag

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