Saturday, October 26, 2013

Bad Buds Beef Jerky - Hotternhail Ghost

These long, narrow strips of jerky are some of the hottest I tested. Bad Buds Jerky is run by Buddy Stone of Hogansville, GA.  Bud has been in the jerky business since 2005. If you enjoy the pain that can only be delivered by the ominous Ghost pepper, you need to give this jerky a try.

The Hotternhail Ghost comes in long, narrow strips that are moist and chewy. Some pieces were VERY chewy and even so though there was no way to take a bite. The Ghost pepper is one of the hottest on the planet with a Scoville Rating of around 850,000 units. Compare that to the lowly Jalapeno with only 2,500 Scoville units. Even the Habanero pales by comparison.

This jerky will have you running for a glass of water or a cold drink, but be advised, this will only spread the heat. Only milk or dairy can help kill the heat.

Since I have stated publically that I like hot and spicy jerky, I have to give this one my best rating.

Riding and Eating Tips
The vacuum sealed plastic bag will keep the jerky fresh until opened, then you had better eat fast. The bags are not resealable making them no good for keeping on your bike or in your jacket. Bring a Ziplok bag with you!

Ingredients: Beef, Soy, Spices, Ghost pepper sauce

1.5oz  vacuum bag


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